Mit AntiCrack sollen schwere Zeiten für die Cracker Community zukommen, zumindest wenn man den Worten von DR. Touch (Oliver Drobnik) glauben schenkt.

AntiCrack contains proven technology which completely eliminates the risk of your apps getting pirated. As of version 2.0 it contains the strongest defense mechanisms possible to detect cracking attempts as well as technology to thwart Crackulous. In version 1.x it was only possible to detect cracks and not prevent them. Our cutting edge research team has developed two new methods which make it impossible for Crackulous to even decrypt your app. Also AntiCrack 2.0 is completely rewritten from ground up to make it unfeasable for crackers to try to disable AntiCrack with a hex editor.

AntiCrack is extremely simple to implement:
copy a custom scan tool to your project root
add a couple of header files to your project
add a custom script step to your target
make a couple of modifications to your source
hit build twice and you are done!


Quelle: drobnik

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